SalesGrowth ©

Do you recognize the following:
  • Do you not have enough sales?
  • Is the overview in your sales process missing?
  • You miss too many orders?
  • Your sales department has an insufficient rate of return?
  • Are your sales people too much inside?

Then SalesGrowth © is the solution for you.

SalesGrowth © consists of 2 main methods
PersonalColor works with four different colours, starting from the person and focused on behaviour. With the SalesFunnel we divide the sales process into 6 different steps, starting from the function and focused on the task.

Trained skills
Effective communication, listening acknowledging, personal and behavioural types, customer types, customer behaviour, effective and ineffective behaviour, style flexibility, positioning, inventory of needs, customer orientation, sales skills, conversation techniques, pioneering, dealing with resistance, negotiation. This complemented with your specific needs in a very practical and effective way.

Starting point
Mission, vision and strategy of your company and/or department.

Behaviour, functioning (sales) and change linking, concretizing, securing and anchoring.

  • Understanding in the behaviour and sales of yourself, the sales team and the client.
  • Acting and guiding from effective behaviour instead of ineffective behaviour.
  • Moving more dynamically in style flexibility and adaptability.
  • Clear overview of which prospect is in what phase.
  • Targeted guiding and adjusting in the sales process.
  • Ultimately more quality, more customers, more sales, in short results!
  • Thorough security and anchoring.