Our tariffs are transparent and in line with the market. The tariffs are adjusted to the seniority of our partners / specialists and the desired quality of service.

€ 495,- per day at 2 hours for workshops and trainings
€ 745,- per day at 3 hours for workshops and trainings
€ 1395,- per day at 2 * 3 hours for workshops and trainings
€ 125,- per hour for coaching and advice
€ 545,- per coaching package
€ 1395,- per management package
€ 260,- per PersonalColor personality profile
€ 260,- per PersonalColor team profile
€ 295,- per PersonalColor personality profile including book and blocks
€ 545,- per PersonalColor package
€ 85,- per lesson materials
€ 0,- location costs for internal training rooms in Eindhoven

The above-mentioned tariffs are all-inclusive, which means including: Composing lesson materials, creating customized PowerPoint, composing cases and (Practice) customized assignments, compiling customized homework assignments and mailing after each training, Reading and reviewing homework assignments prior to the next training, preparing the following training, additional email and contact moments with the participant(s), formatting module books, formatting handout PowerPoint, digitally starting up and supervise personality profile, unforeseen consultation time, travel time within 75 km travel distance from location Eindhoven.

Coaching package consists of:
Interview and 3 coaching interviews of 1 hour.

Management package consists of:
Mission, vision, strategy and business goals translated into training program, 2-hour interim interview and interim report, 2-hour final interview and final report (including conclusion and advice).

PersonalColor package consists of:
Personality profile including report, book, blocks, explanation profile and a coaching session of 2 hours.

These tariffs are excluding travel expenses a € 0.29 p/km, VAT, lunch costs, external location and accommodation costs, co-trainer and actor.