When training your employees, industry associations and government offer various opportunities to receive subsidies. During the training and/or education program, OrganisatieGroei gives advice and support to be eligible for financial support.

Through OOM, companies and employees in metalworking can receive financial contributions for education and development. The contribution to the education costs 2017 is 50% per person per year, up to a maximum of € 750, -. The PTT (Personal Training Grant) 2017 can be applied for up to 15 employees, if it is more than 30% of the total staff (Personal training allowance subsidy scheme).

Stimulation regulation teaches and develops professionals for welfare and social services (Learning and development subsidy scheme).

Praktijkleren (voorheen WVA)
For MBO educations (BBL), companies can receive subsidies if they meet the stated conditions. The amount of the subsidy per realized practical learning place or workplace (BBL) is calculated on the basis of the amount available funds for the relevant category divided by the number of practical learning places or workplaces eligible for subsidy for that category, with a maximum of € 2700, - per realized practical learning place or realized workplace (Subsidy regulation practice learning).

Subsidies and government regulations
Companies and entrepreneurs may be eligible for subsidies and arrangements. The subsidies are from the state, provinces and the European Union. (Subsidy regulation for Ondernemingsplein)