Funnel Management is a practical tool for your sales & marketing organization and the management. Getting new customers and new sales will be a lot easier because of this. You will see exactly which prospect (potential customer) is in the stage of the purchase process in the sales funnel. As a result, you are able to focus on the right action at the right time at the right prospect. This can greatly affect the final conversion to orders (or new customers). In addition, it is much more fun for your sales and marketing organization, partly because it generates more sales and customers.

Why SalesFunnel

  • More insight and structure in the sales process.
  • Clear overview of which prospect is in what phase.
  • Targeted guiding and adjusting in the sales process.
  • More customers, more sales, in short more results.

OrganisatieGroei uses this model to sell constructively and successfully.
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OrganisatieGroei has 2 specialized SalesFunnel specialists.