PersonalColor is thé personality profile / tool that gives you the most complete self-awareness. You gain insight into how you see yourself (self-image) and how others from the business and personal environment, experience you (feedback image). You will also get insight into your effective-, ineffective behavior and development points. OrganisatieGroei is an accredited PersonalColor partner.

Client experiences with PersonalColor

Why PersonalColor
  • By using respondents (giving feedback) the result is extremely reliable.
  • A distinction is made between behavior in a business and private environment.
  • Clear insight into style flexibility, or adaptability.
  • Optimal practical usability by naming colors instead of judging.
  • Employable with individuals and teams.
PersonalColor management

PersonalColor indicates which persons, teams, departments and customers make the biggest contribution to any particular behavior preference(s). This makes the team, departmental, organizational dynamics really transparent and thus negotiable. This is based on a constructive personality and team profile.

PersonalColor management is used by OrganisatieGroei at:

  • Personal development
  • Team development
  • Organizational Development (OrganisatieGroei)
  • Cultural development
  • Management development
  • Sales development
  • Healthcare development
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Advice, Coaching and Training

OrganisatieGroei has 2 accredited PersonalColor specialists.