Partners / Specialists

OrganisatieGroei believes in collaborating. One plus one is more than two. That is why we work with carefully selected partners / specialists with their own professional skills and expertise. These partners / specialists are at least HBO trained, are licensed and have a business background with at least 10 years of working experience in their specialism.

Linda * (Marcel) van den Boom (Manager training & organization)
Function: Senior Trainer - Coach - Adviser
Specialist: Training and organization
Markets: Production & Technology
Healthcare and Business Services

Specialty Senior trainer communication growth, culture growth, leadership growth, organizational growth, team growth, strategy growth, sales growth, PersonalColor management, senior coach, adviser organization.
Education Business Administration HBO, Management, Organizational Science, Communication Management, Psychology, Relationship Management, Avatar Master & Certified Trainer.
Practical experience Entrepreneur, Networker, General Manager, Director, Company Leader, Product Manager, Account Manager, Technician.
Core qualities Communicative, empathic and creating ability, inspirational, motivational, independent, responsible and result oriented.
Purpose "Light, easy, simple and with a lot of fun, creating beautiful results".

Eindhoven, January 20th
Dear connections,
I would like to share something about my personal development. This is not easy for me, as it is personal and vulnerable, but now ripe and needed to share. I am a transgender and feel like a woman in a male body.
I have more or less always known this and after 53 years and a number of recent training sessions for myself, I am sure of this and will come out. I have been privately involved with this transition since August last year and recently I have informed most business relations. I have received many positive responses, recognition and support, many thanks for this!
I can imagine that this is an unexpected turn for most and hope you can appreciate me in this. If you have any questions or reactions, I would love to hear from you. Consider it important to handle this with care, openness and, above all, lightly. After all, I am very happy myself, I finally feel inner peace and much joy of life!
I continue to support you with great pleasure as a trainer-coach-adviser within Organization Growth. I am convinced that the quality will only increase as a result of this transition.

Rik Lagerweij
Function: Personal business coach - senior trainer - lean consultant - guest teacher
Specialist: Management development, team- organization development.
Markets: Business services, Technology, Healthcare & Welfare

Specialty Team development, personal development, organization development and lean management.
Education Business Administration, Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt, coaching and interviewing techniques and accredited for various behavioral and personality analyzes.
Practical experience Entrepreneur, networker, connector, commercial manager, account manager.
Core quality Inspiring, result-oriented, humorous, motivating, respectful confrontation, enthusiastic, involved and creative.
Purpose “I help organizations achieve their goals by deploying learning and development in a positive, stimulating and effective way in the organization. Clarity, focus and curiosity are the leading values here. ”
Frans Knoben
Function: Senior trainer - Trainer - Advisor
Specialist: Communication, leadership and cooperation
Markets: Healthcare
Production & Technology

Specialty Senior trainer management development, communication, collaboration, hostmanship, senior coach, adviser.
Education Psychology OU, organizational science, middle management in health care, NLP master & certified trainer (direction: neurosemantics), BIG registered nurse, chemist HBO.
Practical experience Self-employed, supervisor, group leader, nurse.
Core qualities Engaged, enthusiastic, customer friendly, connector, decision maker, result-oriented.
Purpose "Contribute to having fun in your work".
Bettina Geiken
Function: Senior trainer, Advisor Facilitator, Coach
Specialist: Self-leadership, value-based leadership, training design
Markets: Business Services, Production & Technology, Institutional Sector and NGO

Specialty Senior trainer leadership growth, cultural growth, communication growth, facilitator multi-stakeholder processes, training design, advisor complexity
Education Certified trainings: value-based leadership, self-leadership (attention and belief management, relation management), spiral dynamics, adult development theory, complexity models, purposeful organizations, project management. PhD natural sciences
Practical experience Trainer, facilitator, (team)coach, entrepreneur, networker, social architect, portfolio manager, (EU)-project designer, project coordinator, scientist
Core quality Present, creating space, empathy, patient, flexible, creative, independent, process and solution oriented, anticipation of trends
Purpose Co-create with lightness and ease in service to the common good. Increase wisdom on this planet
Jos Luypaers
Function: Senior trainer - Coach - Adviser
Specialist: Team development and organizational change
Markets: Business services
Healthcare and (semi) Government

Specialty Team Development, Leadership Development, Organizational Change, PersonalColor Management.
Education HBO Business Economics, HBO P&O, Organizational Change, System Thinking, Psychology, Nima B, Avatar Master, NLP.
Praktijk Entrepreneur, Trainer and Coach, Absenteeism approach, Management, Financial Control, Accountancy.
Core quality Open, empathetic, respectful, confronting, enthusiastic, independent, responsible and result-oriented.
Purpose "Realizing optimal Leadership and Co-operation within and between teams in organizations".
Guido Vermeeren
Function: Entrepreneurial Coach - Senior Trainer - Sparring Partner
Specialist: Successful Entrepreneurship and Effective Leadership
Markets: All branches, for entrepreneurs with experience and staff
Business services

Specialty Entrepreneurs coaching and leadership training
Education Accredited for various behavioural and personality analyses, School for Coaching, NLP, System Thinking, Middle School and Professional Diplomas, Fiscal and Labour Law.
Practical experience 25 years of entrepreneurship, three divisions established, 2 business acquisitions and a major merger realized. For ten years as entrepreneurial coach specialized in optimizing entrepreneurs, teams and companies.
Core qualities Recht door zee, no-nonsense, confronterend, betrokken, energiek en resultaatgericht. Een perfecte spiegel voor een ondernemer of leidinggevende, gericht op het in de kracht zetten van mensen, ondernemingen, relaties en teams.
Purpose "I make a professional an entrepreneur, a foreman a leader, a group a team, a goal a result".
Dré Geurts
Function: Senior adviser - Trainer - Coach
Specialist: Staff and organization
Markets: Production & Technology
Healthcare and (semi) Government

Specialty Advisor and trainer staff instruments, change management, management development, Human Resource Management.
Education HBO Personnel Work, VO Policy, Organization & Management, Application Course ARBVO, Catholic Curricula Tilburg.
Practical experience Labour mediator, Teacher personnel work Hogeschool Arnhem, HRM at large international companies, 10 years senior consultant SME and large organizations.
Core qualities Empathic ability, good listening, networking, bridge builder, enthusiastic, transducer, flexible and result-oriented.
Purpose "Contribute to the development of employees and organizations".