OrganizationGrowth ©

Do you recognize the following:

  • Do you or your organization have a new vision and strategy?
  • Has your organization grown rapidly and needs a change?
  • Is there not enough knowledge available to make the correct changes?
  • The change within the organization is difficult and you resist resistance?
  • Are the framework, management and management inadequately skilled and not a leading team?
  • Do you want to grow and change the organization? 

Then OrganizationGrowth © is the solution for you.

OrganizationGrowth © consists of 3 main methods
PersonalColor works with four different colours, starting from the person and focused on behaviour. Kotter works with the 8 step plan and PlanB works with the bottom- and upstream, starting both from the function/organization and are focused on the task/goal.

Trained skills 
Effective communication, listening acknowledging, personal and behavioural types, effective and ineffective behaviour, style flexibility, ownership, positioning, addressing, taking responsibility, team building, bottom- and upstream, urgency awareness, leading team shaping, strategy developing, coping with resistance, creating support, enable employees to change and change management. This complemented with your specific needs in a very practical and effective way. 

Starting point
Mission, vision and strategy of your company and/or department.

Behaviour, functioning (framework, management and managing board) and change linking, concretizing, securing and anchoring.


  • Understanding in the behaviour and organizing of yourself, your colleagues and managers.
  • Acting and managing from effective behaviour instead of ineffective behaviour.
  • Moving more dynamically in style flexibility and adaptability.
  • Understanding each other better, communicating more effectively and addressing each other more clearly.
  • Understanding your personal role within the change process.
  • Understanding of the downstream and upstream of a change.
  • Learning to cope with resistance and creating support in your organization.
  • Understanding various tools and skills for effective change management.
  • Being able to communicate clearly your plans and proposals in your organization.
  • Concrete plans including the necessary interventions to achieve the change.
  • Being able to manage and guide change programs successfully.
  • A powerful, leading and result-oriented framework-, management- and managing board.
  • Thorough security and anchoring.