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With the following clients, one or more of our partners have personally accompanied an advice, coaching and / or training course.

Client experiences

Client experiences

I know Marcel as a pleasant person ...

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someone who is straightforward and that in a way that contributes to the interaction and the intended result. During his (leadership) training he brings practical situations back to the core and he communicates that to a group or individual in a direct and constructive way. His used training methodology is very pragmatic, is closely related to practice and also ensures that you as a leadership team come closer together. He is also a pleasant and honest sparring partner and holds up a mirror from an open mind that you can use as a basis for personal growth.
In short: pleasant and useful to work with Marcel!

Maarten Friesema, Manager Operations

I experienced that Marcel is perfectly able ...

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to coach a team with keeping the right balance of theory, practice and personal interests in the context of the challenges the team is facing. He keeps a good balance between pressure on results and the change that the team can handle. Thereby creating an optimal result of the coaching sessions.

Ad van Dongen, Business Unit Manager

Marcel is a person possessing excellent...

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observation ability, is highly empathetic, keeps communication very businesslike and is very involved. Marcel makes a special contribution to the ratification of the objectives of ARP Netherlands by making LT and MT really familiar again with each other as a person and as a colleague. This gives an unknown potential an enormous boost which reveals vision and mission, goals and wishes, mental and physical strength. Fast and especially stable growth as a person, as a team and as a company, is guaranteed more by Marcel's methodology and remains "alive". His methodology consists of a number of parts: I name two: Personal Color and IkinGroei by Lena De Troch have been of great value. Change begins with (re)cognition of yourself. Results so far: healthy people, healthy growth, fun at work and a faster transition than standard. I would like to give you a personal recommendation.

Suzan Visker, Manager Sales & Solutions

Last October '16, Marcel and I spoke to each other for the first time.

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The purpose of this conversation was to find out if there was a "click" between Marcel and his company and our organization. We were in the situation that we were forming a new management team and that we really wanted this team to function as a team. Nine months later, I dare say that Marcel succeeded. His direct and clear approach, many personal experiences from Marcel's business history make each session a success. You'll come back with a bump of energy and a lot of extra luggage in your backpack. Marcel and I are already discussing for a next course for our team leaders, I am also convinced that these sessions will also be a success. So if you are looking for a fair trainer and coach who does not take a leap? Then you must think of Marcel and his company!

Jean-Paul Bierens, Managing Director

In a multi-day training program, Marcel has put an emphasis...

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on how AB Works can optimally complement to the account management in its relationships and prospects. Marcel's pragmatic and result-oriented approach, combined with his broad commercial and managerial experience as an entrepreneur and trainer, makes the training highly successful by organization and employees. The tools and tips provided are used daily.

Remco van Sambeek, Regional Manager

I have gone through the training course Personalcolor and OrganisatieGroei.

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Marcel can perfectly pick up the growth points and the improvement points for you. He is someone who is really empathic and helps you to use and develop your skills in the team where you work. Next to that Marcel teaches you how to get a better result with the team you work in. I can and will recommend him to organizations that quickly grow fast in a market which has grown so fast and changed so much. Would you like to get a good view about how to develop yourself, call or email him.

Wijnand Elshof, Regional Manager Sales