Mission, Vision and Core Values

OrganisatieGroei guides and supports clients in implementing changes (growth) that lead to organizational improvement. It focuses on the personal development of the management, managers, executives and employees as well as on the necessary organizational change. This makes the desired change and the results are permanently improved. OrganisatieGroei works transparently and pragmatically and helps clients to change and grow their organization. This is OrganisatieGroei.

Clients are looking for advice, coaching and training in a qualitative, effective, practical and result-oriented manner. This in order to actually make the change (OrganisatieGroei) necessary to realize their strategic goals. We are aware that clients seek concrete and measurable results. Due to the current economic situation, collaborating effectively and developing the potential of employees within an organization, is our challenge for the coming period!

Core values
“Walk your talk”. Do what you say and say what you are doing.
See possibilities, think in solutions, see each other's qualities and act integer. Encourage each other in taking responsibility. Communicate in a respectful and effective manner. Develop and share knowledge, work together, so that the organization can grow. Together, create a “safe” environment that allows every employee to grow and grow! OrganisatieGroei: Qualitative, Effective, Practical and Results-oriented.