Methods are important and effective for your growth as a person and organization. With this you exercise and guarantee the provided (theoretical) knowledge in a practical way. Methods provide recognition, structure and clarity within your employees and organization.

OrganisatieGroei methodology
By combining group training and individual coaching we achieve an optimal result in which we can handle and optimize work and private situations. This depends, of course, on your organization's needs and financial space. Preferably, we work based on the following structure: needs determination, intake participants, PersonalColor profile, some group training, individual coaching session (s) participants, progress call management, PersonalColor Team Profile, some group training, final interview participants and final interview management . This allows you to stimulate and address each participant on their own responsibility and the motivation per participant is (becomes) high. Alternatively, the route can be adjusted in the meantime, if this is desirable. This will be completed with a final and intermediate report for the group and a final report per participant. Thus, the overall group effect and the result per participant are displayed transparently and secured. After a period, a number of return visits are planned to ensure and stimulate progress.

OrganisatieGroei works with the following methods according to an effective structure (course-dependent).
Our main methodologies are PersonalColor, EPAV ©, Kotter, Lencioni, PlanB, Bateson, Lean / QRM, SalesFunnel, Stress / Burnout, Avatar, Aloë Vera en Healthcare knowledge

  • PersonalColor behaviour type, Smartfeedback, Stress/Burnout, Avatar, Aloë Vera
  • Communication Model, Communication Circle, L.S.D., Interaction Circle Cuvelier, E.F.B., EPAV
  • Teaching styles Kolb, Johari Window, Triangle Karpman, Triangle Reille, Football Field, P.I.N., EPAV+
  • Tasks and Role Leadership Mintzberg, Leadership styles and Task maturity Herschey & Blanchard, EPAV++
  • Motivational principles and Influence styles Herzberg
Conversation techniques
  • Structure-facts conversation Reille, Conflicts management styles Thomas & Kilmann
  • Successes or frustrations teamwork Lencioni, Building blocks teamwork Woodcock, Goals team Remmerswaal
  • Strategic-, tactical-, operational management Vandendriessche, Business-, organizational science, EPAV+++
  • Six levels of Bateson, SWOT analysis
  • Eight steps Kotter, Bottom and upstream PlanB
  • USP, UBR, Agent profile, Agent funnel, SalesFunnel, SWOT analysis, Sales plan
Business processes
  • 5S, Lean, Lean care, Lean cure, SGA, QRM, Healthcare knowledge
  • Organization system, Organizational chart, Quickscan, Entrepreneurial plan