ManagementGrowth ©

Do you recognize the following:

  • Have supervisors grown to managers, by their own efforts?
  • Do they miss the knowledge, experience, background and methods of management?
  • Do they do too much themselves and are they struggling with delegation and constructive planning?
  • Do they have too little business-, organizational- and strategic knowledge?
  • Are the management and managing board not being a clear exemplary role?
  • Do you want to grow the organization, guide it constructively and manage it more efficiently?

Then ManagementGrowth © is the solution for you.

ManagementGrowth © consists of 2 main methods
PersonalColor works with four different colours, starting from  person and focused on behaviour. EPAV+++ works with 4 defined management responsibilities, task maturity and management roles, starting from the functionand focused on the task.

Trained skills 
Effective communication, listening acknowledging, personal and behavioural types, effective and ineffective behaviour, style flexibility, ownership, positioning, addressing, taking responsibility, task maturity, leading, guiding and conflict management. Level of leadership versus management in addition to business, organizational and strategic level. This complemented with your specific needs in a very practical and effective way. 

Starting point
Mission, vision and strategy of your company and/or department.

Behaviour, functioning (management and managing board) and change linking, concretizing, securing and anchoring.


  • Understanding in the behaviour and leadership of yourself, your colleagues and managers.
  • Acting and managing from effective behaviour instead of ineffective behaviour.
  • Moving more dynamically in style flexibility and adaptability.
  • Understanding each other better, communicating more effectively and addressing each other more clearly.
  • Give each other feedback, receive feedback and indicate boundaries.
  • Positioning firmer and taking responsibility > task maturity.
  • Strategic, tactical and operational leadership versus managing and planning.
  • Work more productive, qualitative, result-oriented and efficient.
  • More insight into business-, organizational- and strategic knowledge.
  • Determine a more effective managing, clearer direction and more constructive strategy.
  • A powerful, leading and result-oriented management and managing board.
  • Thorough security and anchoring.